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Have you ever noticed a professional team of window cleaners using high standard equiptment to clean high rise buildings? These are known as water-fed pole cleaning systems. Popular places such as Wimbledon, Kingston and other areas of South West London often have buildings that are harder to reach, this is where the pole cleaning system comes in handy. Our customers have been relying on D&S Professional Window Cleaning Services to provide this service for many years. This is also a safe option for us to make sure that tall office blocks are cleaned professionally. For more information about our friendly pole cleaning service please talk to D&S Professional Cleaning Services.



D&S Professional Window Cleaning team are fully trained in using water fed pole systems that can reach up to 70ft.  There is no need for ladders so our team of trained window cleaners can work safely frrom ground level, reaching high rise office blocks without any hassle. You may think that this way of cleaning windows is more exepensive than the traditional way. However, it is in fact much more cost effiective as it takes less time although will need to be cleaned on a regular basis (montly/quarterly) is recommended with pole cleaning systems to maintain the buildings exterior window sills and frames to the highest possible standard.

Water fed pole systems for domestic and commercial use!


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