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Having your gutters blocked in your home or office can be unsightly for your guests or clients that are visiting. It can also cause you problems with leaking from the roof to the ground, or even cause small puddles on your roof which can leak into the house and cause problems to the fabric of your home if left for too long.


If you want a multi-purpose service to go with your window cleaning, contact us today and we'll help unblock and clean your gutters too - even if you don't want the windows done!

Unblock your gutters today with our multi-purpose service

At D & S Professional Window Cleaning, we've seen everything there is to be seen when it comes to your home and office maintenance in the 15 years that we've been operating.


No job is too big, small or complicated for us and if you require us to add extra services while we're at your home or office, then all you need to do is ask or book an appointment today. When it comes to unblocking and cleaning your gutters, we have all the right tools, equipment and expertise to ensure it's done properly, and most importantly, safely.

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